!!!! FAQ's !!!!

✔ Unfortunately not. Make sure to place the correct links.

✔ All orders will start within 24 hours of the order.
✔ YouTube orders will take aproximately 1-5 days to be completed.

✔ If you ordered Twitter or Instagram followers and your order has not yet started you can check the compliance of the Start Count values and the current number of followers on your profile.
✔ If you see that your current number of followers is less than when you placed the order, this is the reason the start of your order has been delayed.
✔ The order will start when your Drops stop,The start count will be recalculated and your order will be restarted.

✔ UUnfortunately not. If the link changed after the order was placed, the order is automatically marked as completed. No refunds will be issued.

✔ if the link is private before the order commences, the order will be cancelled.

✔ if it becomes private after the order is done, the order will be completed.

✔ No, likes/followers will drop, because of updates to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.
✔ A refill will only be available once the same service/server becomes available. Organic views, followers or likes will be neglected. We don't give out refunds for these payments.
1. What is Partial status?
Partial Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order.
Sometimes for some reasons we are unable to deliver a full order, so we refund you the remaining amount and keep the amount for which the service was delivered.
Example: You bought an order with quantity 1000 and charges 10$, let's say we delivered 9000 and the remaining 1000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1000 (1$ in this example

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